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May 15th 2014: 

“Kitchen is just not about cooking. It is not just about food. There is so much more to a kitchen that makes it the heart of my home. The small corners in the kitchen where the colanders hang, where the Lecreuset casseroles and the inherited brass utensils proudly sit, the small little kitchen garden or the composting khamba that makes me love my kitchen. All these and more stories brings the madness in me about my kitchen.”
















“MADaboutkitchen will talk about, basic kitchen gardening, composting and not to forget, FOOD. Mostly the everyday food  that will hopefully guide and excite an amateur to cook well enough to put up a hearty meal for themselves and their family.”

“In this journey I will take guidance of  people who, i think are great cooks. My mom, my mother-in-law, naniji, my aunts, my maid and anybody who cook their heart out.”

“Hope I am able to bring in the love of cooking in atleast few and in the interim learn more myself.  Hope I am able to do justice to my PASSION.”

Ps: a big thank you to my friend Divya for the blog name.

May 15th 2015:

Happy birthday MADaboutkitchen 









Its been a year…. I have not only stuck on to my Passion and blogging, but have improved and learnt in this journey so much. It has been such an amazing year for me. I have made so many new friends and I have been rewarded and recognised which has made it very clear that chose the right path.

It started with my husband gifting me KitchenAid Artisan for my birthday and a private masterclass at Ritz Carlton for half a day 😊

I was appreciated for my photography by featuring my pictures by Various recognised group.

My recipes and pictures were featured in the newyear edition of CALdron (page 100&101)














  Then came the KitchenAid Probaker 2015 where i was chosen as one of the TOP 8 in India. I won a KitchenAid handblender and a KitchenAid Stand Mixer (ya got one more. Where i dreamt of one and now i have two 😊) 


The Top 8 were  mentored by the Award winning Cake Artist Chef Peachy Juban. The best ever award i could wish for 😊



My entry Danish Butter cookies won the March 2015 DMBLGit (Does My Blog Look Good inThis ) Award making it the perfect birthday gift for MADaboutkitchen.

A huge hug to all who have been a part of my journey this year… My husband, son, mom, dad, brother, sister-in-laws,aunts,uncles,friends,admirers,people who are my inspiration… I hope to continue with the same passion as last year. I hope you will take this journey with me…

  May 15th 2016

 Happy 2nd Birthday MADaboutkitchen

Yaay so we are two years old and it feels as though MADaboutkitchen has been a part of me forever. I cannot imagine a day without it now. 

MADaboutkitchen has in the past two years given me all that i had dreamt of achieving. More than any recognition, it has given me a direction to my life. A path that i love taking every single day. 

This year i started my career in Photography and styling and i can not tell you how interesting and exciting every project was. Be it Dominos, Krispy Kréme, Teabox, Coppre or Zzungry, FiveStar Chicken ; every single project has taught me something new. They have made me better at my job that much more. 

I did make some great friends, some for life. KitchenAid India has a special place in my heart, and you all know that. Now i am a proud to be a part of KitchenAid India’s Culinary Council. Isn’t that cool ??

The Summer House is one such relations i got into which will last for life. Conducted two styling workshops with them and look forward to more. 

Well, i have lot of exciting projects coming up in future. Looking forward to those and many more. Thank you for sticking with me. Love you all….. Chao❤️❤️❤️

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30 thoughts on “MAD’s Kitchen

  1. A well balanced blog madam…!
    Fantastic presentation… !!
    Would like to try few dishes :)
    All the best!!

  2. Great idea Madhuri sounds very interesting
    All the best.
    Talk to my Mom (Jayanthi Pati) about it. We feel she has magic in her Hands.

  3. In love with your photographs. You inspire to work on my food pics. I am a food writer and blogger. I do plan to try the potato hearts. Will add a link to your blog when I do !

  4. Hi Madhuri,
    Tried this basic sponge cake!! The result was really awesome.. Soft,spongy texture☺😍 I followed the exact measurements except for the whipping method. I used a had whip instead of a electric whip..anyways the cake was awesome😍☺ thank you!!


    1. Hey Sophia, thank you so much 😊 it feels nice when people come back and tell me that the recipe worked well 😊 try the whipping method too and u will see that the cake turns out much better 😊

  5. just love the blog and all the pics…the creativity, presentation and photography is awesome and makes one tempted to try the recipes.. madhuri is madaboutkitchen and makes others like us go mad too…may god bless you in all your endeavours…stay blessed!!!

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