I hate idlis…. Bachpan se!!! I would creat big scene when my mum made idlis. I would not eat and my mom would shout at me and i would end up crying :D Then my mom came up with a twist to idlis. She would let the idlis cool completely, slice it horizontally and roast … More IDLi


   I know, i know!!!!i don’t need to give you the recipe for a Lemonade. I had gone out shopping. It was sunny. Came back home and made some lemonade. The light on the lemonade on that winter afternoon was so good, I couldn’t not take photo of them. And now that I am posting … More LEMonade

CHAi Masala

Ingredients 1/2 cup – Elaichi with the peel 2 tbsps – Clove 2 tbsps – Cinammon 1 tsp – Fennel 2 tbsp – Dry ginger powder 10 nos – Dry tulsi flowers Method Dry roast all the spices seperately till they get aromatic. Cool them and grind them to a coarse powder. Add the tulsi … More CHAi Masala

ALOo Gobi

As a new bride, I did know cooking. But I was good at southindian cooking, our kind of cooking. Being a southindian, whatever northindian food I had had was all in a restaurant. So my perception of northindian food was, oily, fried, lot of masala, ginger garlic paste, paneer etc etc vagera vagera….. After getting … More ALOo Gobi

COConut chutney

Coconut chutney is something that a southindian can make in her sleep. It goes with so many things… With idli, dose (dosa), vade (vada), chapathi, upma, pongal, maddur vade, ambode, Akki rotti, vangi bath, tomato bath, buns, all varities of bajji, ragi rotti, with simple ghee rice….i am talking about southindians :) you will not … More COConut chutney

SABudaana Khichdi

Ingredients 1cup – Sabudaana soaked 1 no. – Potato thinly sliced 3 nos – Green chillies slit 10-12 nos – Curry leaves 1 tbsp – Jeera/cummin seeds 2 tbsp – oil 1/4 cup – Grated coconut 1/4 cup – roasted and coarsly powdered peanuts 3 tsp – Sugar 1 no – lemon 1/4 cup – … More SABudaana Khichdi

UPIttu (upma)

   This used to be my most hated dish as a kid. And most of the kids i knew also hated it. We had all weird names for this dish. We called it cement, concrete etc etc. My mum used to plate it in so many ways to make me just eat it,but……. Its one … More UPIttu (upma)

PLAin White Rice

A lot of curries, rasams, sambars etc is usually had with Rice. There are again lot of varieties of rice. Basmati, mostly used in pulav, biryani and few dessert preparations. Basmati is a long grained rice which is very fragrant when cooked. Sonamasoori, is a short grained rice which is mostly used in south India. … More PLAin White Rice

MASala Chai

 “Aap chai lenge???” is the first thing most of the Indians asks when they have guests over. Or “Chal chai peete hai” is what friends tell each other when they want to just go out. Or that’s what most of us have first thing in the morning. Or like our new Prime Minister Says … More MASala Chai