TOMato Rice

  When i received this beautiful casserole by Fujihoro, i was so happy. It is an amazing piece, perfect for everyday cooking. It is perfect for pulavs, sabzis, dal etc. it is heavy and heavy bottomed and hence uses less oil and water in cooking sabzis. I dont use tefflon coated cookware and this one being … More TOMato Rice

CHUtney Pudi

   Hot with a hint of tang and sweetness, chutney powder is a life saver when you are in no mood to make chutney or sabzi to go with idli dosa…. Like Pudina chutney, chutney pudi is also a must have at any point of time. Ingredients 10 to 15 – Byadgi chilly (dry red … More CHUtney Pudi

BURnt Onion Chutney

The smell of the caramalising onions is something that i love.. Smell is one thing and the looks of the burnt onions, the soft baby pink translucent flesh is a beauty in itself. Ingredients 5 nos – Onions medium 10 stems – Coriander leaves 10 to 12 – Red chillies 1/8 cup – Split chickpea … More BURnt Onion Chutney