NIMbekaayi Uppinkaayi – Lemon Pickle

Pickling is an age old tradition in Indian Household. From our grandmoms to their  grandmoms have done this as a ritual.  Pickling has always been a family affair. Many summer days were spent making pickles. Mangoes, lemon, ginger, grapefruit, gooseberries, chillies, pepper and so many variaties of pickle. And every pickle has it’s own method … More NIMbekaayi Uppinkaayi – Lemon Pickle


  I hate idlis…. Bachpan se!!! I would creat big scene when my mum made idlis. I would not eat and my mom would shout at me and i would end up crying :D Then my mom came up with a twist to idlis. She would let the idlis cool completely, slice it horizontally and roast … More IDLi


   “KOTI VIDYEYALLI, METI VIDYEYE MELU. METYIM RATE NADEDUDALLADE DESHAD AATAVE KEDADU SARVAGÑA” –  Says Sarvagña a famous kannada Poet, Pragmatist and a Philosopher. He explains the importance and Agriculture and that agriculture is the backbone of a country. The saying translates as “The most valuable learning amongst all other forms of education, is farming. … More SANkranti