APPle Soup

Apple Soup is a creamy soup with a hint of apple flavour to it. A great change from the regular soups. Do try it out this winter. I am a part Culinary Council of KitchenAid India. And the recipe for Roasted Chana is my contribution to their Blog. Hence i have mostly used KitchenAid Products. Products … More APPle Soup

POTato Leek Soup

Potato Leek Soup is a creamy soup perfect in this changing weather. The evenings are getting chillier and the days are getting shorter. Suddenly everyone in the house starts craving soup and prefer that over a heavy meal. A simple, quick and yummy soup is all that you require with a slice or two of … More POTato Leek Soup

ROAsted Pumkin Soup

   Summer is here and not only do I not feel like cooking, but also we don’t feel like having anything heavy. Soups are the best solution for such days. Roasted Pumkin Soup, is a simple soup with a very creamy texture and beautiful flavour.     Roasted Pumkin Soup served with a slice of bread is … More ROAsted Pumkin Soup

MUShroom Coconut Soup

Fujihoro,is a japanese brand who are into Porcelain enamelled steel products.    They have a wide range of products ranging from casseroles, kettles, saucepans etc.  They look clean, modern but at the same time it has a very vintage look as well. The colours are so fresh that they look so good sitting on a … More MUShroom Coconut Soup

PEA Lettuce Soup

      Ingredients  1 cup – Fresh peas 1 cup – Lettuce leaves, chopped 6 to 7 nos – Garlic cloves, chopped 1 no – Potato, medium sized, chopped Salt to taste 1 tsp – Freshly ground pepper  1/2 ltr – Water 1 tbsp – Oil        Method In a casserole, heat the oil. … More PEA Lettuce Soup

POTato Soup

       Ingredients 2 nos – Potato, big sized. Peeled and cubed 6 to 7 nos – Garlic pods 1 tsp – Crushed dried rosemary 1 no – Onion, small sized. Finely chopped 1/2 tsp – Freshly ground black pepper Salt to taste 1 tbsp – Olive oil    For Garnish 4 nos – Garlic … More POTato Soup

ROAsted Tomato Soup

      Ingredients  1 cup – Cherry tomatoes  1 tbsp – Olive oil 1 stem – Rosemary Salt to taste 1 tsp – Freshly ground black pepper 6 to 7 nos – Garlic cloves        ( *Any tomatoes will do. Slice it if they are big tomatoes. Preferably tangy tomatoes.)    Method Pre heat … More ROAsted Tomato Soup

CARrot Soup

    First Agro’s ZERO PESTICIDE Produce, direct from the farm. So fresh, crisp and tender, cooks in no time…. What better to cook than a simple easy healthy soup!!  Ingredients  4 nos –  Carrots (Yutika Carrots from First Agro) 1 no – Onion , medium sized, julienned  4 to 5 nos – Garlic cloves 1 … More CARrot Soup

CORn Soup

    Ingredients 1 no – Sweet corn 1 no – Onion, small sized 4 nos – Garlic cloves 1 tsp – Red chilly flakes 1/2 cup – Milk 1 tsp – Freshly ground pepper 1 tbsp – Olive oil Salt to taste    Method Peel the corn kernels and boil them in a cup of … More CORn Soup