GARlic Hummus

  Hummus is a famous Arabian dip, commonly served with flat breads, grilled meat or Fresh Vegetable fingers is derived from the word ‘​​​​​​​​Hummus‘, which in Arabic means ‘Chickpeas’. Hummus a creamy dip, can be flavoured using lot of Additional ingredients like, Parsley, beetroot, Pumpkin and there is no limit to the experimentation.      Ingredients 1 cup … More GARlic Hummus

POMegranate Molasses – Nar Ekşisi

Originally Molasses is a very thick, sticky syrup made from what’s left over after sugar is made from sugar cane juice. But also made otherwise from tart fruits like grapes, berries and pomegranates. Pomegranate Molasses, a turkish delight, although often falsely called molasses, it is in fact a concentrate. This is called “molasses” because it … More POMegranate Molasses – Nar Ekşisi

KHAtta pyaaz

These pink babies are amazingly photogenic…:)The baby onions look so pretty and so inviting. Khatta pyaaz is a must in my mother- in- laws house almost everyday. It goes well with any roti subzi, any dal. I love it all alone with roti. And so easy to make. Why dont you see for yourself…. Ingredients … More KHAtta pyaaz

MANgo Salsa

Mango salsa is for people who love tangy,sweet and hot taste in their food.. Basically ekdum chatpata….have it with nachos, have it generously applied over a slice of bread.. Ingredients 1 no – Not so ripe mango 1 no – Small finely chopped onion 1 tsp – Chilli flakes Lemon juice 1 tbsp – Chopped … More MANgo Salsa

PRAline or Pralin

History of Praline European Praline – Europe is where praline was born. Here the caramel coated nuts are crushed to a get a powder which is called pralin. Pralin, in Europe, is added to cakes, ice creams, chocolates, desserts etc. The French mix praline with chocolate and call it praline. In UK, praline is not … More PRAline or Pralin

CANdied orange peel

I love the look of candied orange peel. Candied orange peels are great in taste and in looks. The fresh, bright, transparent strands enhances any desert.i love the bitter sweetness of it. Ingredients 4 nos. – Oranges (Clementines or any variety. I even use Nagpur oranges) 1 cup – water 1/2 cup – sugar 1/4 … More CANdied orange peel