NIMbekaayi Uppinkaayi – Lemon Pickle

Pickling is an age old tradition in Indian Household. From our grandmoms to their  grandmoms have done this as a ritual.  Pickling has always been a family affair. Many summer days were spent making pickles. Mangoes, lemon, ginger, grapefruit, gooseberries, chillies, pepper and so many variaties of pickle. And every pickle has it’s own method … More NIMbekaayi Uppinkaayi – Lemon Pickle

RED Raddish Pickle

   First Agro is a brand that produces Zero Pesticide vegetables. I am fortunate to have known them. From farm to my kitchen just ensures that my family has a purer, healthier food on plate.    The vegetables are fresh, tender, crisp and most of all its safe. I grew up in a very safe … More RED Raddish Pickle

LEMon Curd

Lemon Curd is a smooth and silky fruit curd. Absolutely Zingy and Tart. It is a lip smacking dessert spread that we absolutely love it at home.    What is a Fruit Curd? Fruit curd is a dessert spread made using citrus fruit like lemon, orange, berries, passion fruit etc. It is a simple and basic spread made … More LEMon Curd


Ingredients 2 nos – Egg yolks 1 cup – Vegetable oil 1 tsp – Dijon mustard sauce 4 tsp – lemon juice 1 no – Red chilly, deseeded Salt to taste A pinch of sugar Freshly crushed black pepper Method Beat egg yolks, mustard sauce, lemon juice for a minute in a bowl using a … More MAYonnaise

CARamel Sugar Syrup

Ingredients 4 tbsp – White granulated Sugar 1/2 cup – Water Method Take sugar in a heavy bottomed sauce pan. Keep the flame on low or medium. Do not stir. The edges of the sugar will start melting and turning golden in colour (like in pict 1) Swirl the pan as the sugar starts melting … More CARamel Sugar Syrup


Being married to a Punjabi, is like being married to Paneer, Aloo, Roti and Mithai. Basically to food. And for a Punjabi making paneer is, baiyein haath ka khel.. But being a southindian i learnt it after a lot of trial and errors. Crumbly, pale, yellow, these were all the problematic paneers that i have … More PANeer

CHAi Masala

Ingredients 1/2 cup – Elaichi with the peel 2 tbsps – Clove 2 tbsps – Cinammon 1 tsp – Fennel 2 tbsp – Dry ginger powder 10 nos – Dry tulsi flowers Method Dry roast all the spices seperately till they get aromatic. Cool them and grind them to a coarse powder. Add the tulsi … More CHAi Masala

POMegranate Molasses – Nar Ekşisi

Originally Molasses is a very thick, sticky syrup made from what’s left over after sugar is made from sugar cane juice. But also made otherwise from tart fruits like grapes, berries and pomegranates. Pomegranate Molasses, a turkish delight, although often falsely called molasses, it is in fact a concentrate. This is called “molasses” because it … More POMegranate Molasses – Nar Ekşisi