Kosambari is the most common dish in our house. Not only is it a must during festivals, it is also made as an evening snack and served along with hot, foamy filter coffee. A very very healthy option for snacks. Kosambari can be made with different ingredients. This one is Uddinbele Southekaayi Kosambari (Split … More KOSambari

STEamed Veggies 

   The first ever round carrots that I have come across and first one to get hands on FirstAgro’s Yutika Cherry Carrots. These are lost in time heirloom variety. These are 1 to 1 1/2 inch sized carrots.  The green foliage, which is equally edible, with carrot undertones.  The leaves can be used to pesto … More STEamed Veggies 

STRawberry Salad

   Strawberries are in season and in abundance. Nature gives us it’s creatuions one after the other. So we should enjoy every one of it’s creations to the limit. I enjoy seasonal fruits to the limit. Every season gets with it some gorgeous fruits. Strawberry is not local to where i stay. It is supplied … More STRawberry Salad

CREamy Carrots

   This dish is a nice change from the regular roasted carrots. Simple, quick and a healthy finger food. Ingredients  A hanful – Baby carrots  1/4 cup – hung curd or cream cheese 2 nos – Garlic cloves 1 tsp – olive oil 1 tsp – Red chilly flakes Salt to taste  Garlic chives and … More CREamy Carrots


Ingredients 1 loaf – No knead bread 1 cup – Cherry tomatoes Handful – Basil leaves 1/2 cup – Hung curd 2 cloves – Garlic Salt to taste 1 tsp – Fresh crushed black pepper 2 tbsp – Extra virgin Olive oil A basic bruschetta is a toasted bread slice, drenched in olive oil, garlic … More BRUschetta

SALad Jar

When you grow your own vegetables (in my case few of the veggies). When your kid picks each of them with his tender cute little hands, the only thing you can make to respect the produce is salad. Retaining its freshness, purity and not interfering much by adding too many ingredients and losing the freshness … More SALad Jar