When i was a kid we lived in an independent house with a decent sized empty land beside the house. We grew lots and lots of veggies and in one corner had a pit where we would dump all the wet waste ( we hardly used to have plastics back then) and cover it with … More COMposting

MEAl planning

Planning my meal the night before helps me keep calm during the early rush mornings..Helps me sit and sip my tea in peace as i know what i have to cook. I try and have 40% protein + 40% carb + 20% fat in any meal that i put up. I try and make it … More MEAl planning

VEGetable Shopping

Putting tasty, beautiful, healthy, homely food begins with buying some good vegetables. Though i buy greens fresh whenever i step out of the house, due to my hectic schedule i have to buy vegetables once a week. I love shopping :) its a stress buster for me… Yes i am still talking about vegetable shopping … More VEGetable Shopping