GINger Lime Syrup

When friends get you loads of home grown fresh lemons, you do not just want to use them for your regular stuff. You want to make something that will last for few days. Which will bring smile on your face every time you use it.  That is what i did when my friends got me … More GINger Lime Syrup

WATermelon Smoothie

Watermelon smoothie is a refreshing smoothie. Watermelon gives the smoothie a nice twist and keeps the smoothie light. Made using only three ingredients, this smoothie is quick and simple to make. I am a part Culinary Council of KitchenAid India. And the recipe for Watermelon Smoothie is my contribution to their Blog. Hence i have mostly … More WATermelon Smoothie

PAPaya Basil Smoothie

Papaya Smoothie is one of the most comforting, refteshing and filling smoothie. I love the combination of Papaya and Basil. It gives a nice twist to the smoothie. I sometimes add chia seeds as well.  Ingredients 1 cup – Frozen Papaya pieces 1 cup – Milk 4 to 5 – Basil leaves Honey to taste (optional) … More PAPaya Basil Smoothie


    As you all can see, i am a huge collector, appreciator of vintage, inherited items. I value my grandmom’s kitchen items more than jewellery. And what i love about them? It is the honesty, the purity, the hand work, the craftsmanship. The quality of the product that is good even today. You hardly find … More THAndai


   I know, i know!!!!i don’t need to give you the recipe for a Lemonade. I had gone out shopping. It was sunny. Came back home and made some lemonade. The light on the lemonade on that winter afternoon was so good, I couldn’t not take photo of them. And now that I am posting … More LEMonade