What better to make than Avial for Onam. Avial is a curry that is a speciality of Kerala. This is a mixed vegetable coconut based curry and tempered with coconut oil. A very healthy and equally tasty curry.  This curry is best served with Kerala Paratha that has been roasted with coconut oil. Ingredients 1/4 … More AVIal


Rajma Chawal is a comfort food for a Punjabi like how Rasam rice is for a southindian. A regular punjabi dish is so unlike what we eat in the restaurants. It is nit at all heavy and no not everything has malai, makhan in it. This dish is an authentic punjabi style Rajma that i … More RAJma

MAAvinkaayi Gojju

   It is that time of the year again, when there is a sweet smell in the air. The morning sun is delicate, there is flower on every plant. Butterflies everywhere, bed of flowers on the roads and it’s festival time again. It’s mango season again… This dish is my dodamma’s (aunt) recipe which I … More MAAvinkaayi Gojju