ALOo Bhajiya

The weather in Bangalore is so awesome. It has been raining almost every evening. It is what i call Bhajiya Weather. Aloo Bhajiya is the most simplest bhajiya that you can make.  These Crisp, thin, spicy aloo bhajiya are perfect when had with salty green chillies. Ingredients  4 nos – Potato 1/2 cup – Gram … More ALOo Bhajiya

ALOo Tuk 

  The weather in Bangalore has been horrible past one week. The floor is cold, the sky is grey, it’s been drizzling (reminds me of London 😔) This weather makes you crave for hot masala chai and something spicy and fried (😁😜).     So here is a healthy version of Aloo Took. A sindhi potato dish. … More ALOo Tuk 

BEEtroot Tikki

   Salad Nation, one of the community on Facebook asked me to judge a contest this month in support of Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  The contest’s theme was the Colour. Red, Pink or White. The other criterias were to keep the dishes healthy and be innovative ..  Beets contain an antioxidant known as alpha-lipoic acid, … More BEEtroot Tikki

AVAcado Fingers

   So in one of the forums that i am a part of, we keep doing exercises to get better in photography, in understanding lighting etc. So the latest exercise was to select a art work and replicate that in our way with photography.  So here is the outcome of my attempt. A oil on … More AVAcado Fingers

APPle chip

  My son started his playschool and here i am trying to make his snack box interesting and inviting :) Haven’t still suceeded though.    These are delicately crisp chips something that gets over really soon. Its sweet, sour, salty and spicy. And above all healthy….     Ingredients 1 no. – Granny smith or Washington … More APPle chip


I cant explain how fond i am of churmuri . Usually here we get it in small gaadi waalas. But as kids we were not allowed to eat out and hence my mum used to make it for us at home. She would mix it in a huge huge mixing bowl and serve everyone in … More CHUrmuri