WATermelon Jam

Watermelon jam!!! Yes you heard it right, watermelon jam. Not something that is very common. I had already made granita and smoothies this summer and didn’t want to repeat it and hence ended up making jam. But the Watermelon Jam turned out so good that now i get watermelon just to make jam. Try it out … More WATermelon Jam


  I hate idlis…. Bachpan se!!! I would creat big scene when my mum made idlis. I would not eat and my mom would shout at me and i would end up crying :D Then my mom came up with a twist to idlis. She would let the idlis cool completely, slice it horizontally and roast … More IDLi

CREamy Carrots

   This dish is a nice change from the regular roasted carrots. Simple, quick and a healthy finger food. Ingredients  A hanful – Baby carrots  1/4 cup – hung curd or cream cheese 2 nos – Garlic cloves 1 tsp – olive oil 1 tsp – Red chilly flakes Salt to taste  Garlic chives and … More CREamy Carrots


Ingredients 1 loaf – No knead bread 1 cup – Cherry tomatoes Handful – Basil leaves 1/2 cup – Hung curd 2 cloves – Garlic Salt to taste 1 tsp – Fresh crushed black pepper 2 tbsp – Extra virgin Olive oil A basic bruschetta is a toasted bread slice, drenched in olive oil, garlic … More BRUschetta

NO Knead Bread

Ingredients 3 cups – All purpose flour 1/4 tsp – Active dry yeast 1 tbsp – Sugar 1 tsp – Salt 1 1/2 cup – luke warm water (40sec microwaved) Method In a large bowl mix together flour, salt , sugar and yeast. Make a well in the center and pour the luke warm water … More NO Knead Bread

ROSemary Mushrooms

When the market is filled and stocked with fresh mushrooms, i fill my basket with them. The first thing that I have to make is this dish. The dish is simple, fresh, fast and tasty at the same time. Ingredients 200 gms – Fresh button mushrooms 1 tsp – Fresh crushed black pepper 1 tbsp … More ROSemary Mushrooms

GOLd Granola Bar

Ingredients 2 cups – Oats 1 cup – Sliced almonds 1/4 cup – Flax seeds 1/2 cup – Raisins 1/4 cup – Chopped walnuts 1/4 cup- Sunflower seeds 1/4 cup – Chopped dried figs 3 tablespoons unsalted butter 2/3 cup – Honey 1/4 cup – Light brown sugar 1/4 tsp – Salt Method Preheat the … More GOLd Granola Bar

PAPaya Preserves

Ingredients 1 no – Ripe or over ripe papaya 1 cup – Sugar 1 tsp – Chilly flakes Method Peel and blend the papya into a smooth paste. In a saucepan add sugar, papaya paste and cook on a low flame.Check for the sweetness, add more sugar if required. Keep stirring now then so that … More PAPaya Preserves