PASsion Fruit Icecream 

You all know that my friend got me some home grown Passion Fruit few days back from Mysore. She drove all the way from Mysore to just get me those lovely Passion fruits. So I have been using them very miserly 😬.

I scooped them all out and have frozen them to use it, till she grows more and gets them for me 😂

Passion Fruit Icecream was one dish that I had in my ‘To Make’ list and now it is done. The Icecream turned out sooooooo good that it was over in no time. The kids literally licked the box 😀 

The creamy and silky Icecream with crunchy seeds in between was the perfect combination of textures. 


400 ml – Heavy cream

200 ml – Condensed milk

1 cup – Passion Fruit pulp


Refrigerate the cream overnight.

Strain the passion fruit pulp and keep the seeds for later use.

Now take the cream in a large bowl and whip it till it forms stiff peak.

Do not whip it till it gets dry. It should be silky and form peaks.

I used my KitchenAid Standmixer with the whip attachment to whip the cream. But you can also use any electric hand blender too. 

Add the condensed milk gradually and whip it on the lowest speed till it is combined well. Keep tasting it to check sweetness and adjust it according to your taste.

Now add the passion fruit pulp along with the seeds. Fold it using a spatula till it is well combined. Add as many seeds as you would like.

Transfer the mixture into an airtight container and refrigerate for 4 hours. 

Serve the scoops with a spoon of fresh pulp over it. 

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