GARlic Chutney Powder


As far as i remember my ajji (grandmom) did not cook much. She was happy working in the estates while my mum and my aunts cooked. But there were few things that only she would make. Like this chutney powder. In those days this was made in huge mortar pestle which required us to stand and pound the ingredients into a coarse powder.

The Pounding would release the oil from the dry coconut and bring everything together. Though we still use this method at my granny’s, i use a mixer :( it doesnt taste like the one from mortar pestle but its almost there…
This is a very healthy chutney powder with the good oil from the dry coconut, which helps keep the skin moisturised and glowing. Garlic helps in reducing gastric issues. This chutney powder is given to women post delivery to strengthen the back and reduce gas formation in their body.

I am a part Culinary Council of KitchenAid India. And the recipe for Roasted Chana is my contribution to their Blog. Hence i have mostly used KitchenAid Products.

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1 cup – Thinly sliced dry coconut
10 no – Red Chillies
1 whole – Garlic
1/2 lemon size – Tamarind
Salt to taste
1 tsp – Jaggery / sugar





Using a tsp of oil, fry the chillies, garlic pods and tamarind seperately. To this add sliced dry coconut, salt and jaggery and let it cool.

Add this to the chopper bowl and grind it coarsely. You can use any blender mixer for this or if you have a big mortar pestle you could make it in it too.

Store it in an airtight bottle. It keeps well for 7 days and for more than a week if refrigerated. Serve it with Rotti, Roti, Dosa, Idli, steamed rice or curd rice.



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