COConut Panacotta with Passion Fruit

Coconut Panacotta with Passion Fruit is a flavour combination that i had been wanting to make since a long time. Since the time i bought Donna Hay’s book Fast, Fresh, Simple. Though i haven’t followed the recipe, the combination is totally inspired from her. 


My friend got me some beautiful, juicy, acidic passion fruit all the way from Mysore. I have been using it like gold. Very miserly… We had this creeper in our house when i was a kid and i remember we had harvested at least 300 of them. They grow wild and you will not know what to do with them. Now that i love them, it is so hard to find them in Bangalore. So i had few recipes in mind from a long time that i will try now…


But first i had to try this one. The combination of Coconut and Passion fruit goes well and it is very tropical. I liked the delicate coconut flavour with the tart Passion fruit.



1 cup – Coconut Milk (I have used the store bought coconut milk)

1/2 cup – Milk

1/2 tbsp – Gelatin powder

1/4 cup – Sugar

1 tbsp – Ice water

4 tbsps – Passion fruit pulp




To make the Coconut Panacotta, first begin with sprinkling the gelation over the ice cold water in a small bowl and let it bloom for 5 minutes.

In the meantime, heat milk and  coconut milk together in a sauce pan. Just heat the milk. Do not boil it. Add sugar to this and stir till the sugar dissolves. To this add the bloomed gelatin. Keep stirring and let the gelatin dissolve. Rub the cream mixture between two fingers to make sure gelatin is dissolved. Seive this mixture into a jug to remove any leftover particles of gelatin or cream.


Let the mixture come to room temperature. Pour this mixture equally into the ramekins or individual glasses. Let it sit on the counter top for 15 minutes and then refrigerate it overnight or at least 4 hours.

Scoop the pulp out of the passion fruit and add a tbsp of the pulp over the set panacotta before serving.



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