SABudana Vada – Sago Fritters 

After college when I moved to Mumbai for my job, me and my friend used to live together. Both of us were so excited to manage the house on our own. But least did we know that we will have to wake up early to make our own breakfast, pack our lunch before leaving for office. We would make dinner but breakfast was al always a challenge.

So we mostly ended up not making. I had fixed up a dabba service for lunch. But breakfast? 

There was this small food stall opposite our office. The guy used to make bread pakoda, sabudana vada and masala chai. That ended up being my breakfast most of the days. That Sabudana vada used to taste crisp on the outside, soft inside and absolutely light. I have yet to have a vada that tastes that good. The chutney that he used to serve was absolutely heavenly. It’s been 10 years now and I still can imagine the flavour so clearly. Finally I cracked the flavour and i can now rest 😂.

So now you know how important sabudana vada is to me 😂. 


1 cup – Sabudana / Sago

2 nos – Potato, boiled and cooled. Big sized

1 tbsp – Jeera

4 nos – Green chillies 

1/4 cup – Roasted peanuts, coarsely ground. 

Juice of one lemon

1 tbsp – Sugar

Salt to taste

Oil for deep frying 


Wash the sago well twice or thrice.

Drain the water lightly.

Cover it and let it soak overnight preferably. I soak it at noght and use it next afternoon or evening. Keep mixing it lightly with a fork. And sprinkle water if need be. 

Don’t soak it in water as it will not be separate and will get mushy.

To the soaked sabudana, add boiled, peeled and mashed potato. 

Add salt, sugar, chopped green chillies, coarsley ground peanuts, jeera and lemon juice and mix it well.

When you press some mixture in your hands it should stick and form a ball. 

If not just add little more potato.

Keep the oil for frying.

Wet you palms and make lemon sized balls. Gently press it to flatten it. 

Repeat this with the remaining mixture. 

Deep fry it on medium heat, till the vada is nice and gold in colour.

Serve sabudana vada hot with some Rusk chutney and masala chai

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