KOBbari Mithai – Coconut Barfi


This is my recipe in this new series of Diwali Desserts.  I already posted the recipes of Jaggery Kulfi, Obattu , Jalebi and Saffron Rose Panacotta 

Kobbari Mithai or Coconut Barfi is one of the most common sweets in South India. One of my favourites. Kobbari Mithai is packed with the flavour of coconut and a hint of cardamom.

These white Kobbari Mithais are one of the easiest sweets that you can make during festivals. All that you require is little patience and some strength in your arms 😀

I love that these can be cut into pieces and can be packed up to give away during diwali. I made these for my son’s birthday and sent it to school. They are just perfect for giveaways.


4 cups – Freshly grated coconut ( only the white part. Avoid any brown bits)

2.5 cups – Sugar

2 cups – Milk

50 gms- Khova

1 tsp – Freshly ground cardamom powder

Saffron or Cashew or Almonds for topping



Grease one large square or rectangular baking tray with ghee (clarified butter).

In a heavy bottom pan, add grated coconut, milk and sugar and on a medium low flame start mixing with a wooden spatula.

I will repeat it again, this requires a lot of patience. We are just getting started. Don’t leave the spatula even for a minute. If the mixture catches the bottom then you will not get a white mithai at the end.

So back to the pan. Keep giving the mixture a mix, making sure you scrape the sides and mix it from the bottom. The milk will cook the coconut well and the sugar will start melting.

Add khova and mix.

This will take atleast 45minutes to an hour.

All the sugar will be absorbed by the coconut and the mixture will start leaving the pan and forming a lump.

Add cardamom powder and Mix it and give it one more minute to cook and then transfer the mixture to the greased tray.

Using the spatula evenly level the mixture. You will have to work quickly here as the mixture will crystalise as it cools.

Take a grease proof paper, put it on the mixture and press it with your palm evenly and hard. Grease proof paper helps smpothen the top.

Make cuts using a knife to the desired shape and size.

Add saffron, Almonds or cashew on each piece and press it in. Let the mixture cool completely. I usually leave it overnight.

Next morning once it is completely dry, ypu will see that the mithai has become more white and you will be able to break the pieces easily.

Pack them individually or store them in an airtight container.

You can keep it out for atleast a week.

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