POTato Leek Soup

Potato Leek Soup is a creamy soup perfect in this changing weather. The evenings are getting chillier and the days are getting shorter. Suddenly everyone in the house starts craving soup and prefer that over a heavy meal.

A simple, quick and yummy soup is all that you require with a slice or two of crusty bread.



3 nos – Potato

1 stem – Leek

4 cloves – Garlic

1 tsp – Freshly ground black pepper

1/4 cup – Milk

2 tbsp – Olive Oil

Salt to taste


For Garnishing

1 tbsp – Fresh Cream

1 tbsp – Olive Oil

4 cloves – Garlic

A pinch of Freshly ground black pepper



In a skillet, heat olive oil. Add freshly ground pepper to this. 

Add Garlic and chopped leeks to this.

Saute till the leeks turn translucent and soft.

Add peeled and chopped potato cubes to this. Saute for a minute.

Cover it and cook till the potatoes soften. Sprinkle some water in between to avoid the potatoes from burning.

Once the potatoes are soft add, milk to it and cook for just a minute. 

Switch off the flame and let the mixture cool a bit. 

Add salt, water and blend it into a smooth puree in a blender. Add enough water to get the creamy consistency.

Pour them into soup bowls.

Add cream on top.

Top it with deep fried garlic slices and freshly ground pepper and serve it warm.


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