BAAlekaayi Chips – Banana Chips


Balekaayi Chips or Banana Chips is a SouthIndian snack and specially from Kerala. The crisp chip is usually fried in coconut oil and that adds to the flavour. Nendra Bale Kaayi , a particular kind of banana is used for this. It is also known as kerala banana here. A simple yet a tasty snack.


 Raw Nendra Bale / Kerala Banana  or any kind of Raw Banana
Oil to fry (Coconut oil preferably)
Salt to taste
Red chilly powder or Black pepper powder (optional)


Soak the bananas in hot water for an hour. Score it with a knife and peel it like how you peel a banana with your hands. Do not peel using a peeler.
Heat the oil in a deep pan. You can use any oil of your preference but somehow coconut oil is what gives these chips the authentic flavour. Times when i have to make it for guests who i am not very sure will like the coconut oil flavour, i mix both oil and fry which will give it a mild flavour.
Slice them thin using a slicer.
Mix salt in with 2 tbsps of water in a small bowl and keep it ready.
Now add the sliced bananas to the oil and fry, add 1/4 tsp of the salt water to the oil while frying. Keep a little away as it will splatter. Fry till the bananas turn a little yellowish and let it not brown. Drain the excess oil and take it out on a tissue paper. Check for salt and add incase it requires more and also add chilly powder or pepper powder to it at this stage when the chips are still hot and have some oil on them. Once it cools and dries up the salt or chilly powder will not stick to it.

The chips will turn more yellow as they cool.


You can make these chips with any kind of raw banana but you might not get the yellow colour to it.
Adding salt water while frying ensures that their is perfect coating of salt on the chips. But if you are sceptical about adding salt water to the oil while frying then skip the step and add the salt as soon as you take the chips out of the oil.


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