What better to make than Avial for Onam.

Avial is a curry that is a speciality of Kerala. This is a mixed vegetable coconut based curry and tempered with coconut oil. A very healthy and equally tasty curry. 

This curry is best served with Kerala Paratha that has been roasted with coconut oil.



1/4 cup – Drumsticks

1/4 cup – French beans

1 no – Carrot

1 no – Raw banana

1/4 cup – Ivy gourd

1/4 cup – Elephant foot Yam

1/4 cup – Snake gourd

1/2 cup – fresh grated coconut

3 nos – Green chillies

1 tbsp – Jeera

1/2 cup – Yogurt

1 tbsp- Edible Coconut oil

Few curry leaves

Salt to taste

For Tempering

1 tbsp – Edible Coconut Oil

Curry leaves 

Dry red chillies ( optional as authentic Avial doesn’t have red chilly tempering)


To start making Avial, grind together coconut, green chillies and jeera into a coarse paste.

Pressure cook yam, drumstick , beans and carrots in pressure cooker till the cooker lets out one whistle. 

In the meantime, add the rest of the vegetables in a deep pan along with 2 cups of water , turneric and curry leaves and cook till they are just getting soft. 

Add salt , coconut oil and the pressured cooked vegetables to this. Cook till the vegetables are all cooked and soft. 

Add the coconut paste and cook till all the  all the water is evaporated.

Add yogurt to the same blender in which you ground the coconut and give it one quick churn. Add this yogurt to the avial and mix well. Cook it till the mixture thickens. 

For tempering

Heat coconut oil in a small pan. Add curry leaves and red chillies and let it crisp up. Pour it over Avial and serve it with Appam, dosa or kerala paratha. 


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