NIMbekaayi Uppinkaayi – Lemon Pickle

Pickling is an age old tradition in Indian Household. From our grandmoms to their  grandmoms have done this as a ritual.  Pickling has always been a family affair. Many summer days were spent making pickles. Mangoes, lemon, ginger, grapefruit, gooseberries, chillies, pepper and so many variaties of pickle. And every pickle has it’s own method … More NIMbekaayi Uppinkaayi – Lemon Pickle


What better to make than Avial for Onam. Avial is a curry that is a speciality of Kerala. This is a mixed vegetable coconut based curry and tempered with coconut oil. A very healthy and equally tasty curry.  This curry is best served with Kerala Paratha that has been roasted with coconut oil. Ingredients 1/4 … More AVIal