L’Exclusif by Nature’s Basket

It was a pretty hamper that Food Bloggers   Association India sent me. It was a box full of goodies by Godrej Nature’s Basket. Their new range L’Exclusif.

The box contained Cranberry and Oats Cookies, Cheese and Onion Peanuts, Chocolate Coated Almonds, Dry fruit stuffed Samosas, Spicy Ringleez and Whole Strawberry Conserve.

Most of these are perfect for this season. When you can’t make munchies at home, these monsoon munchies are something that you should try.

My favourites were the Cheese and Onion Peanuts and the Mexican Ringleez.

Cheese and Onion is a classic combination. These peanuts are very generously coated with the spices. Cheese and Onion are not only perfect to have as is, it tasted really well when tossed with finely chopped onions and coriander leaves.

The Ringleez are light and crisp and it has a very authentic mexican flavour to it. It is also a great option for kids snackbox as well.

Thank you Food Bloggers Association India (Fbai) and Godrej Nature’s Basket  for the Hamper.


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