MANgo Icecream


This summer, we went mango picking to the farm and we have enjoyed mangoes in all and every form. We had mangoes every single day and yet i am feeling bad that it is almost the end of season of the King of Fruits. 


Mango picking was so much fun with us and the kids going crazy picking every single mango that we could reach. Packed loads and got it back home, filled in cartons layered with hay. Kept it in a warm place, with the sweet smell spreading all over the house. We kept waiting, watching it every day, shuffling them to make sure not a single one got spoilt. And yaay, not a single one got spoilt.

thumb_DSC_6065_1024 copy

Raspuri, Totapuri, Alphonso, Badami, Mallika, Bainganpalli, Malgoba, Salem Gundu, you name it and we have had it this season. And some rare ones like Imam Pasand and Khuda Datt too. Every Mango has it’s own unique smell and flavour. 

From pickle, curry, gojju, milkshake,aam panna, aamras, popsicle, chutney ,aam papad to chitranna, made everything possible. Some old and some new recipes. 


But summer goes incomplete without making mango ice cream. KitchenAid’s Icecream Maker is a boon if you are someone who craves for Icecream anytime of the day. It takes half an hour to churn a soft scoop Icecream and 2 hours if you like set Icecream . Isn’t that wonderful that you can make a creamy, smooth, silky, homemade Icecream whenever you desire??? 

I am a part Culinary Council of KitchenAid India. And this recipe is my contribution to their Blog. Hence i have mostly used KitchenAid Products.


Products Featured

KitchenAid Standmixer with whisk attachment

KitchenAid Icecream Maker Attachment

KitchenAid Spatula

KitchenAid Measuring Cups

KitchenAid Loaf Pan

KitchenAid Icecream Scoop



1/2 ltr – Heavy Cream

1 cup – Condensed Milk

1 cup – Mango purée

1/2 cup – Mango cubes completely ripened 



To make Mango Icecream chill the Icecream maker bowl for minimum of 15hrs. 

Refrigerate the cream and mango purée as well.

Pour the cream into the stand mixer bowl and whisk it using whisk attachment till it forms stiff peaks.

Add condensed milk and mango purée and fold till the mixture is smooth. 

Chill it again for an hour.
Fix the Icecream maker attachment to the Standmixer as per the instructions.

Start the mixer at speed no 1. 

Start pouring the cream mixture gradually.

Let the cream churn for 1/2 hour till the cream starts to freeze.

Add mango chunks and churn for further 10 minutes.

After 40 minutes you will see that the mixture has reached a soft scoop consistency.

You can serve it right away.

If you like set Icecream transfer the mixture to the KitchenAid Loaf pan and cover it with a layer of cling film and aluminium foil and freeze for 2 to 3 hours.

Scoop Mango Icecream using KitchenAid Icecream Scoop and serve it in a cone. 2

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