ROSe Water & ROSe Syrup


From the day Shanthini of Pink Lemon Tree sent me her Rose water image, i had been wanting to make it. It had been on my mind ever since. I was just looking for some organic rose and was lucky to find them few last week.

I love rose in anything and everything. The sweet, divine smell of rose is one of my favourites. From perfume, to desserts, to hand wash, I love Rose in everything.

Shanthini’s Rose Water recipe I knew I could follow with my eyes closed. But I wanted to take it a little further and make Rose Syrup while retaining the beautiful colour.

I tried few methods and finally the recipe that worked for me has a beautiful deep dark pink and is bursting with the flavour of Rose.

So now I am happy to have achieved, Pretty Pink Rose Water and a Deep Dark Pink Rose Syrup to use in so many various ways. It is such a beautiful experience this is. Just seeing the beautiful pink colour makes me so happy. 


Rose that makes Perfect Rose Water and Rose Syrup is Lovely Fairy/Paneer Rose. The pink rose with the sweet essence. Source organic rose for this and use fresh flowers.


Ingredients for Rose Water

8 to 10 – Paneer Rose/ Lovely Fairy

2 cups – Distilled water


Remove the petals from the stem and wash them thoroughly with tap water. Remove any browned and bruised petals. Place them in a ceramic bowl.

Bring the water to a simmer. Pour it over the petals and give it a stir. Cover it and let it steep overnight.

Strain it in the morning and refrigerate.


Rose Syrup Ingredients

2 cups – Rose Water

1/4 cup – Sugar

2 nos -Cloves


In a sauce pan add all the ingredients and boil till the mixture is thick syrup consistency.

Store it in a bottle and refrigerate.



I couldn’t wait to make anything elaborate. So just made a Rose lemonade with the fresh rose water and it tasted heavenly. Just a squeeze of lime and a tbsp of sugar into the rose water and that is all you need.


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