BELada Hannu Paanka – Wood Apple Juice


Belada Hannu Paanka is a juice made from the pulp of Wood Apple. This is must make Paanka during Ramnavami, where we make this along with kosambari and distribute it among friends and family.



Belada Hannu / wood Apple/ kath bael, is a berry with extremely hard rind and soft and stringy pulp with a sweet scent. Depending on how ripe the pulp is, it is sweet or sour.

A sweet, tangy and something very festive about the taste of this juice which I have acquired over the years.


2 nos – Belada Hannu/ Wood Apple

1 cup – Jaggery

4 nos – Elaichi



The way to break open this berry is to hit it hard with a pestle to crack open the hard rind. You will find the pulp inside like a ball.

Soak it in a litre of water for 1/2 hour along with jaggery.

Using either a masher or better your hand, mash the pulp well in the water.

Add more water and jaggery depending on your taste.

Add Elaichi powder and refrigerate.

Serve chilled along with kosambari.

*Tip to buy Belada Hannu – When you Put the berry from a feet high onto the ground, it should just sit and not bounce. That is when it is ripe


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