THAi Green Curry


When i lived in London, i was exposed to a lot of cuisines, Thai being one. I have from then always loved Thai Food. Thai Green Curry has been one of my favourite dishes till date. I always though wanted to have the authentic Thai Green Curry in Thailand.


My recent trip to Thailand was something that had been looking forward to. Vacation is always something that we look forward to. And this was a 8day trip Krabi and Bangkok and all that I wanted to do was laze around, go to the spa and eat. 

Krabi is a beautiful, calm, scenic place completely untouched by the tourists. I would love to go settle there 😬 . With pure green water,  lot of activities to keep you busy ,warm hearted people and lots to eat, makes this place a perfect destination for a relaxed vacation. 

Then the completely opposite Bangkok where people are all time busy. There is so much traffic that you take 45 minutes to cover 2 kms. Malls and high rise buildings have covered the city and life there is so fast. I looked forward to Bangkok for only two things. Shopping and a visit to floating market. I shopped till i could walk no more for three days continuous :). The trip to Floating market was relaxing. It is almost 1.5 hrs from Bangkok and starts early in the morning. The boat takes you through these narrow lanes where you find small shops filled with food, artifacts, spices and you will see people selling food, soup, fruits, flowers in boats as well. Floating market is a must experience if you are in Bangkok.


But in both Krabi and Bangkok one thing that was common was a vast variety of street food and fruits. There were some favourites and some not so much. Some of our Favourites were fruits like Guava, Dragon fruit, Mangosteen, Tender Coconut Ice-cream, Noodle Soup, Red fried rice and of course The Green Curry. 


So here is an authentic recipe of Green Curry and trust me it is as close as it can get to the Curry we had in Thailand. Creamy, spicy, full of flavour, perfect for this rainy weather.



For the curry paste

15nos – Small green chillies

4 cloves – Garlic 

2 stalks – Lemongrass 

2 nos – Shallots 

1/2 cup – Coriander leaves 

1 inch – Fresh ginger

2 tsp – Coriander seeds 

1 tsp – Black peppercorns

1 tsp – lemon rind

Salt to taste

2 tbsp – Groundnut oil 

For the curry.  

2 cups – Mixed vegetables (mushrooms, babycorn, Spinach, carrots, aubergine, Pea eggplant)

4 nos – Birds eye Chillie, finely chopped

2 tbsp – Groundnut oil

2 tsp – Cashews

15 to 20 nos – Fresh basil leaves 

200 ml – Coconutmilk  

1 tsp – Palm sugar

1 tbsp – Garlic, finely chopped 

2 cups- Water 

4 copy



Heat the groundnut oil in a small pan. When the oil is hot add chopped garlic, cashews, chopped chillies and 6 basil leaves to it and fry it till they are crisp. Set them aside for garnishing.

In a wok boil the mixed vegetables, half of the red chillies, chopped lemongrass and salt.



Half way through when the veggies are cooking add the green curry paste and continue cooking till the veggies are cooked yet crisp. The raw smell of the green curry paste should be gone. 

To this add the coconutmilk, basil leaves, salt and palm sugar. Let the curry boil and thicken. Serve it hot with hot garlic rice.



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6 thoughts on “THAi Green Curry

  1. I am a huge fan of your recipes. And this curry looks amazing. I would love to make it although i dont get half of the ingredients you mentioned. And i know that it matters to have all the core ingredients ready, otherwise, its not the Thai curry you would like to eat.

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