RUSk Chutney 

    My Mamiji makes this lip smacking Rusk Chutney, which we finish it off in no time at all. Try it today and trust me you will never stop making it. Rusk Chutney is a unique mouth watering recipe. The Tangy, sweet chutney is one of my favourite chutney. It can be used to make … More RUSk Chutney 


  I hate idlis…. Bachpan se!!! I would creat big scene when my mum made idlis. I would not eat and my mom would shout at me and i would end up crying :D Then my mom came up with a twist to idlis. She would let the idlis cool completely, slice it horizontally and roast … More IDLi

MAAvinkaayi Gojju

   It is that time of the year again, when there is a sweet smell in the air. The morning sun is delicate, there is flower on every plant. Butterflies everywhere, bed of flowers on the roads and it’s festival time again. It’s mango season again… This dish is my dodamma’s (aunt) recipe which I … More MAAvinkaayi Gojju