As you all can see, i am a huge collector, appreciator of vintage, inherited items. I value my grandmom’s kitchen items more than jewellery. And what i love about them? It is the honesty, the purity, the hand work, the craftsmanship. The quality of the product that is good even today.

You hardly find products like that anymore. 

But…. Coppre is here to bring back those tradition, the craftsmanship back. Things that are owned, treasured, loved and then passed on. Things that make you feel good and do good. Bringing back traditional products in contemporary design with zero compromise on quality.

The Tulsi Kansa Collection is their signature collection. The Bronze Beverage Glass is a part of that collection. The heavy glasses are the perfect to hold and comfortable to drink. The quality and finish of the product is impeccable. The simple tulsi motif adds to the beauty of the product.

Holi is just few days away and I couldn’t think of anything but make Thandai and serve in these beauties. Oh!! They look so festive, i am in love with them ❤️

Thandai, as the name suggests is a cooling drink made specially on the day of Holi. This drink uses ingredients that are cool in property, making it perfect for Summer.



1 ltr – Full fat milk

1 pinch – Saffron

Sugar to taste

For the Masala 

2 tbsp – Poppy seeds/ Khus Khus

1 tbsp – Fennel seeds/ Saunf

1/4 cup – Almonds

1 tsp – Black peppercorns 

2 nos – Cardamom


Powder all the ingredients listed under masala into a fine powder.

In a saucepan heat the milk. Crush the saffron and add it to the milk. Once the milk boils up, switch off the flame. Add sugar as per your liking. Add 3 tbsp of the masala. Cover the saucepan and let the milk completely cool.

Strain the milk and refrigerate. Serve the Thandai chilled garnished with rose petals.


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