GARlic Hummus

  Hummus is a famous Arabian dip, commonly served with flat breads, grilled meat or Fresh Vegetable fingers is derived from the word ‘​​​​​​​​Hummus‘, which in Arabic means ‘Chickpeas’.

Hummus a creamy dip, can be flavoured using lot of Additional ingredients like, Parsley, beetroot, Pumpkin and there is no limit to the experimentation.


1 cup – Soaked and cooked Chickpeas

2 tsp – Tahini Paste

6 cloves – Garlic

2 tbsps – Hung curd

2 tbsp – Lemon juice

1 stem – Parsley

2 tbsp – Olive oil

1/4 cup – Chickpea boiled water

Salt to taste 

Boiled chickpeas, Parsley and Zatar for topping



Add chickpeas into the handblender jar. Coarsely blend it. Now add Garlic, pressed using Kitchenaid Garlic Press, Hung curd, salt, chickpea boiled water, tahini, lemon juice, olive oil, salt and Parsley. 

 Blend everything on maximum speed till it is smooth.

Pour the Hummus into a serving bowl. Make well in the shape of a spiral. Fill it with extra virgin Olive oil. Add boiled chickpeas, zatar and Parsley on top.

  Serve it with Pitta bread, onions, cucumber, olives and tomatoes. 

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