STEamed Veggies 


The first ever round carrots that I have come across and first one to get hands on FirstAgro’s Yutika Cherry Carrots. These are lost in time heirloom variety. These are 1 to 1 1/2 inch sized carrots.  The green foliage, which is equally edible, with carrot undertones. 

The leaves can be used to pesto or just use it as a garnish on any of the above dishes.


The crisp carrots have very very thin skin which doesn’t need peeling. Sweeter than usual carrots in taste. The size makes it perfect for any bite size recipes. Pickles, steaming, roasting etc. 

I steamed it along with few more vegetables this time and loved it.


For steaming 

20 nos – Cherry Carrots

1/4 cup – Fresh peas

1/4 cup – Cauliflower florets

For tossing

 2 tbsp – Olive oil

Salt to taste

4 nos – Garlic cloves, crushed

1 tbsp – Pinenuts or cashews

1 tsp – Freshly ground black pepper 

Carrot leaves for garnishing


Steam carrots, peas and cauliflower just till they soften. For 5 minutes approximately.

Drain the water and use the stock to make a clear soup.

Heat oil in a skillet.

Add crushed garlic and pepper to this.

Add pinenuts or cashews and let it brown.

Add the steamed vegetables and salt and toss it well on high flame.

Let the vegetables caramalise in some parts.

Squeeze the lemon juice and give it a quick toss. Garnish it with chopped carrot leaves.

Serve with some bread on the side.


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