Kosambari is the most common dish in our house. Not only is it a must during festivals, it is also made as an evening snack and served along with hot, foamy filter coffee. A very very healthy option for snacks. Kosambari can be made with different ingredients. This one is Uddinbele Southekaayi Kosambari (Split … More KOSambari


    As you all can see, i am a huge collector, appreciator of vintage, inherited items. I value my grandmom’s kitchen items more than jewellery. And what i love about them? It is the honesty, the purity, the hand work, the craftsmanship. The quality of the product that is good even today. You hardly find … More THAndai

BANana Bread

   I buy 12 bananas a week and by the end of the week i am always left with one or two which have turned black. Cant throw them every week can i?? So i just throw them in the freezer. I take them out leave it out for 5 to 10 mins and use … More BANana Bread

GARlic Hummus

  Hummus is a famous Arabian dip, commonly served with flat breads, grilled meat or Fresh Vegetable fingers is derived from the word ‘​​​​​​​​Hummus‘, which in Arabic means ‘Chickpeas’. Hummus a creamy dip, can be flavoured using lot of Additional ingredients like, Parsley, beetroot, Pumpkin and there is no limit to the experimentation.      Ingredients 1 cup … More GARlic Hummus

STEamed Veggies 

   The first ever round carrots that I have come across and first one to get hands on FirstAgro’s Yutika Cherry Carrots. These are lost in time heirloom variety. These are 1 to 1 1/2 inch sized carrots.  The green foliage, which is equally edible, with carrot undertones.  The leaves can be used to pesto … More STEamed Veggies 

CORnish Saffron Bread

   A saffron bun, Cornish tea treat bun or revel bun, is a rich, traditional, classic spiced yeast-leavened sweet bun from Cornwall that is flavoured with saffron and cinnamon or nutmeg and contains currants or raisins similar to a teacake. Cornish Bread because of the use of saffron is beautiful and golden in colour and has … More CORnish Saffron Bread