CHOcolate Swiss Roll


 Chocolate Swiss Roll, the most amazing, classy looking cake. This cake looks beautiful when served on the table and will surely be a show stopper. This cake requires a little practice in the beginning, but once you know how it works, It is very simple and easy to make. 

Swiss Roll can be made in so many various combinations of flavours. But you can keep this as a basic recipe. 



For the cake

4 nos – Egg wites and yolks separated
 1/2 cup + 1 tablespoo -Sugar
60gms – Unsalted Butter, melted
1/2 cup – All purpose flour
1/4 cup – Cocoa powder
For the filling 

110gms – Dark Chocolate

1/4 cup – Fresh cream
4 to 5 nos – Strawberries, finely chopped
Strawberries and mint leaves for topping

For the Cake

Preheat the oven to 180C
Grease and line the Jelly Roll Pan with a parchment sheet. I have used a 9″X12″Pan.
In a large glass bowl, sieve together flour and cocoa powder 2 to 3 times and set aside


Seperate the egg whites and yolks. 

Place the egg whites in a large bowl.

And yolks into a smaller bowl. 

Using a hand blender start whisking the egg whites till it starts getting frothy.

Gradually add half of the sugar.

And now whisk on high speed till it forms soft peaks.

Whisk the remaining sugar to the yolks and beat it using a fork till it is mixed well. 

Now add yolks and flour to the egg white and fold it till everything is well mixed.

Add the melted butter and fold it till it is mixed well.

Pour this batter into the prepared tray and spread it evenly.

Tap it to even out the surface and bake it for 8 minutes.
In the meantime, cut a baking paper the size of the baking tray and keep it ready to turn on the cake as soon as it is out of the oven.
As soon as the cake it out of the oven, dust it generously with cocoa powder. Place the baking paper on the cake and turn the cake upside down.
Immediately peel the parchment paper. Again dust this side with cocoa powder and spread a muslin cloth on top.
Flip the cake over. Now you should have the muslin cloth at the bottom and tracing paper on top.
Remove the baking paper and trim the longer edges of the cake. If you do not trim it, the cake will crack when you roll it.
Place the baking paper back, and start rolling the cake tight along with the muslin cloth. Let the muslin cloth and the baking paper be rolled along with the cake. Make a tight log.
Leave the cake to cool rolled in the muslin cloth.

For the filling

Warm the cream and chopped dark chocolate together till it is smooth and silky.

Chop the strawberries.


Unroll the cake gently and remove the baking paper.
Spread the Chocolate Ganache evenly leaving 1 cm boarder. And put some chopped strawberries on the side where you start rolling.
Roll back the cake. This time leave the muslin cloth out.  

Trim the roll on both the sides.

Place the roll on the serving plate. Pipe some ganache on top. and generously top it with strawberries or any berries and mint leaves.
Cut them into slices to serve. 


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16 thoughts on “CHOcolate Swiss Roll

  1. Madhuri! I can’t take my eyes off from this page.. and I have loads of work to get done! Yummmmmmmmmmmmmm Your hubby did a great job too.. perfectly captured and wonderfully presented that is making me stay here.. see… i am still here.. not going.. let me go..!

  2. The time my elder one saw me staring at this post on FB, she told me, “ummi, please make this one”. I gave her an excuse that I don’t have any chocolate to melt, but I must make this for them with simple whipped cream or with some Nutella! Gonna make this really soon…

  3. It’s been a while I have visited your blog – you have surprised me a lot(in a good way of course). The food looks absolutely decadent but I am glad to see you’re shooting step by step photos now :)
    The cake looks moist succulent and decadent.

  4. Yummilious post .. I don’t have helly roll pan or baking tray.. I hv round microwave tawa .. Is there any substitute?

  5. Tried this out today….first attempt on rolls…I had a smaller pan..7 ร— 7…so I made it in two batches….though both rolled well but one cracked and broke a bit while rolling in the filling…the other came perfect โ˜บ

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