DOOdh Doodhi – Bottle Gourd Curry


Doodh Doodhi
, is a basic, simple, healthy, creamy, light on the tummy curry to be had with roti. Doodh Doodhi, is a simple and quick to make, this curry not only tastes good when it is hot, but also tastes great in room temperature thus making it a perfect dish for lunch box.


1 no – Tender Doodhi

1 tbsp – Jeera

1 tsp – Turmeric

1 Tbsp – Red Chilly powder

1 tsp – Garam masala powder

1/2 ltr – Low fat milk

1/2 tsp – Sugar

2 tbsp – Oil

Salt to taste




To start making Doodh Doodhi, peel and slice the doodhi. I slice it into disks, but you can also cut them into cubes or semi circles.

In a kadhai, heat oil and add Jeera. As soon as it crackles, add salt, redchilly powder and haldi to the oil. Stir it and add the doodhi and mix it well. Cover the kadhai and let the doodhi cook. When the doodhi is just started to soften add 1/2 the milk and cover and cook for sometime. Once the milk evaporates a little add the remaining milk and cook till the doodhi is cooked completely and the gravy is thickened and creamy. Add chopped coriander and give it a good mix. Serve it with Roti.


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