SARson ka Saag – Mustard Leaf Curry

Sarson ka Saag or Mustard Leaves curry, is a well known Punjabi preparation. These leaves are available fresh only in winters. 

I did not like Sarson ka Saag earlier . It’s a taste that I have gotten to like now. Finally learnt it from my husband’s aunt and now i make it regularly.

Sarson Ka Saag and Makai ki Roti along with ghee and jaggery is the authentic combination. 

I am very filmy by nature. I always relate everything to movies. So when I think of Punjabi dish, like this one specially, i can imagine myself sitting in the fields, unwrapping the roti tied in a cloth bundle, crushing the onion with my fist and eating it along with the saag out of brass tiffin carrier. Thankfully I don’t imagine myself in a traditional attire 😂 

So here is an Authentic Punjabi dish by a Southindian (Madrasan as i am called in my in laws family 😂)


4 bunches – Sarson ka Saag/ Mustard leaves

1 bunch – Palak / Spinach

1 cup – Cauliflower florets 

4 to 6 nos – Dry Red Chillies 

1/4 cup – Jaggery

Salt to taste

1/4 cup – Makai atta /maize flour 

2 tbsps – Chopped ginger

For tempering

1/4 cup – Ghee

5 nos – Dry Red Chillies


Clean mustard leaves and spinach well. Chop them roughly and put that into a pressure cooker.

Add cauliflower florets, jaggery, red chillies and salt and 1.25cups of water. Pressure cook this till the cooker lets out one whistle. Reduce the flame to the lowest and let it cook for an hour

Let the cooker cool down. Open the lid, add maize flour and chopped ginger. Using a hand blender and blend the mixture almost smooth. Taste it for salt, spice and sweetness. The saag has to be a bit more spicy thank you like and has to be on the sweeter side. Incase its less spicy, add red chilly powder at this point. 

Cover the lid of the pressure cooker. Remove the whistle and put the cooker back on low flame. Cook it for an hour. Do give it a mix once in between. 

Saag tastes better the next day. Heat it up really well. Temper it with lots of ghee ( when i say lots, it’s loooooots) and dry red chillies.

Serve it hot along with Makai ki Roti and Jaggery.


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