SABsige Soppu Kootu – Dill Leaf Curry


Sabsige Soppu or Dill leaves has a very strong distinct smell to it. If you like the smell you will love this leaf in a lot of dishes. It is specially used in Sabsige soppu rotti, Ambode, Sabsige soppu rice and Kootu.

Sabsige soppu kootu which is native to Karnataka, is a coconut based curry. Kootu is a curry which uses black pepper spice and always has ground masala in it. It is a great accompainment with roti and rice.  



1 bunch – Sabsige Soppu / Dill leaves

1/2 cup – Toor Dal

1 no – Potato , medium sized, chopped into 1/2 inch cubes.

1/4 cup – Peanuts

1 tsp – Jaggery powder ( optional)

Salt to taste


For the Paste

1/4 cup – Fresh grated coconut 

1 tsp – Black pepper

1 tbsp – Urad dal

1 no – Green chilly

For Tempering

1 to 2 – Dry Red Chilly

5 to 6 – Curry leaves

1 tsp – Mustard seeds

1 tbsp – Oil



Wash and clean the leaves well. Chop them finely.


Wash toor dal and soak it for 15minutes. Put that in a pressure cooker. Add the leaves, peanuts and potato and add 1 cup water and cook it till the dal cooks. Till the cooker gives out 2 whistles.

In the meantime, dry fry the urad dal, green chilly and pepper. Urad dal has to just turn gold in colour and pepper should start popping. Add this to a grinder jar along with coconut and grind into a fine paste.

Once the cooker has cooled, open the lid, add the ground paste, salt, jaggery powder and a cup of water and boil it till it reaches a creamy consistency.


For tempering, heat oil in a pan. Add mustard seeds. Let it crackle. Add red chillies and curry leaves and pour it over the kootu. 


Serve it hot with rice or roti with a dollop of ghee over it.


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