CHOcolate Swiss Roll

    Chocolate Swiss Roll, the most amazing, classy looking cake. This cake looks beautiful when served on the table and will surely be a show stopper. This cake requires a little practice in the beginning, but once you know how it works, It is very simple and easy to make.  Swiss Roll can be made in … More CHOcolate Swiss Roll

MOOng Dal Sookhi Sabzi – Split Green Gram Lentil Stir Fry

   Moong Dal Sookhi Sabzi is perfect for a week night dinner. Simple, quick recipe that is light on your tummy. Moong dal sookhi sabzi, is dry and hence goes well with roti and boondi raita and some fresh salad. Moong Dal or Split green gram lentil is believed to be very healthy. It is believed to … More MOOng Dal Sookhi Sabzi – Split Green Gram Lentil Stir Fry

ROAsted Pumkin Soup

   Summer is here and not only do I not feel like cooking, but also we don’t feel like having anything heavy. Soups are the best solution for such days. Roasted Pumkin Soup, is a simple soup with a very creamy texture and beautiful flavour.     Roasted Pumkin Soup served with a slice of bread is … More ROAsted Pumkin Soup

STRawberry Popsicle

  Summer is almost here. It’s pretty hot during the day. Doesn’t feel like having much of tea or coffee. It’s already time for Aam Panna, Lemonades, Icecreams, Buttermilk…  So still sticking to strawberry, which is in season, made these really pretty Strawberry Popsicle.  Strawberry Popsicles are simple, pretty looking and is bursting with flavours.     … More STRawberry Popsicle

STRawberry Salad

   Strawberries are in season and in abundance. Nature gives us it’s creatuions one after the other. So we should enjoy every one of it’s creations to the limit. I enjoy seasonal fruits to the limit. Every season gets with it some gorgeous fruits. Strawberry is not local to where i stay. It is supplied … More STRawberry Salad