I know, i know!!!!i don’t need to give you the recipe for a Lemonade.

I had gone out shopping. It was sunny. Came back home and made some lemonade. The light on the lemonade on that winter afternoon was so good, I couldn’t not take photo of them. And now that I am posting them, let me make it worth by putting down the recipes of the variations that you can do to the basic lemonade


Serves 2

Ingredients to the basic lemonade 

1/8 cup – lemon juice

1/4 cup – Sugar

1/2 ltr – Water

Ice cubes

Variation 1

1 tsp – ginger

1/4 cup – Honey (instead of the sugar)

Variation 2

2 nos – Cardamom, powdered

1/4th pinch – Edible Camphor

Variation 3

10 nos – Mint leaves 

1 pinch – salt

1 pinch – Black pepper powder

Variation 4

1 pinch – Salt

1 tsp – Garam masala powder

Variation 5

1/4 cup – Strawberries 


Along with the basic ingredients of the lemonade, add any one of the ingredients of any one of the variations into a blender. Blend it well, till the ice is crushed. Pour it into a pitcher through a strainer. Drop in few slices of lemon into it. Serve chilled.


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