KHUbani Ka Meetha – Apricot Dessert

  Khubani Ka Meetha, a very rich Hyderabadi, Nawabi dessert made of dried apricots is not only royal in colour, but also in taste. This Saffron colour dessert is best served with Vanilla custard or with Whipped cream or Vanilla icecream.
Thank you to my friends Shaheen Ali and Anisa for their recipes 😊


250 gms – Dried Apricots

1/4 cup – Sugar

A pinch of saffron (optional)

Almonds, pistachios and dried roses for garnishing

. To start preparing for Khubani ka meetha, Soak the apricots and saffron overnight in water or atleast for 4 hours.

. The apricots will plump up soaking the water and in return releasing a beautiful gold colour.

. Next day, in a saucepan, add all the soaked apricots, crushed saffron and the beautiful golden water and start cooking it on a low flame. Keep the sauce pan covered.

. Cook the apricots well till they can be mashed with a spoon.

. Add sugar at this point, keeping in mind that the apricots are already sweet. Add only as much sugar as required.

. Cook it further till the mixture comes together. It should be syrupy in consistency.

. Chill it in the refrigerator for atleast 4 hours.
. Garnish it with almond and pistachio flakes and dried rose petals before serving along with Vanilla custard or ice cream or whipped cream 


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