I know, i know!!!!i don’t need to give you the recipe for a Lemonade. I had gone out shopping. It was sunny. Came back home and made some lemonade. The light on the lemonade on that winter afternoon was so good, I couldn’t not take photo of them. And now that I am posting … More LEMonade


   “KOTI VIDYEYALLI, METI VIDYEYE MELU. METYIM RATE NADEDUDALLADE DESHAD AATAVE KEDADU SARVAGÑA” –  Says Sarvagña a famous kannada Poet, Pragmatist and a Philosopher. He explains the importance and Agriculture and that agriculture is the backbone of a country. The saying translates as “The most valuable learning amongst all other forms of education, is farming. … More SANkranti

PANeer Bread Balls

    Fun Fairs were rare for us in our city. This one was held in a school next our’s. I got some pocket money just for this fair and went with my friends. Having money, that you can spend on anything that you want, gives a huge sense of responsibility. You want to spend wisely. … More PANeer Bread Balls