PAValova Wreath


WREATH is perfect for Christmas. Pavalova looks festive, delicate and can be topped with variety of fruits, berries, compote, whipped cream. Pavalova will no doubt be a show stopper at the Christmas dinner. Crisp, melt in the mouth Pavalova is a perfect combination with tangy, sweet, berries.

4 nos – Egg whites
1 cup – Granulated Sugar


1/2 cup – Mixed berries (Strawberry, blueberry, raspberry, cherry)

1/2 cup – Strawberry purée 
2 tbsp – Honey
Few mint leaves



. To start making the meringue for the Pavalova, place the egg whites in a large, very very clean bowl. Using the whisk attachment, start whisking the egg whites on medium speed, till small bubbles start appearing.
. Preheat the oven to 100°C and line the baking tray with parchment paper. Draw a circle on the paper to act as a guide to pipe the meringue for the wreath.
. To the egg whites now gradually add sugar. Increase the speed and whisk the eggs for 15 mins.
. The egg whites now would have tripled, opaque, silky and stiff.
. Now using a spoon the meringue on the circle on the parchment sheet. Make the wreat 1.5″ wide and 2″ high. 
. Smoothen it if you like using a fresh spoon. Using a clean spoon make a depression along the circle on top of the pavalova for it to hold the fruits and the sauce. 
. Bake it for 2 hours in the oven.
. Once done immediately transferit into an airtight container.


.To assemble the Pavalova, chop the strawberries into halves and quarters.

. Now place the wreath on the serving plate. Pour the strawberry puree on it generously. Arrange the berries and mint leaves.Drizzle honey. Serve immediately.

* Pavalova cant be kept out for long, as the moisture in the air and the toppings will make it soft very quick. So assemble it just seconds before serving.

* For strawberry purée- blend 1/4 cup with 2 tbsp sugar to a smooth paste.


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13 thoughts on “PAValova Wreath

  1. This is a pure beauty! I love how beautifully you’ve done the styling and photographed it so perfectly. I know how hard it is to shoot on white – You’ve done a terrific job.

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