CINnamon Cookies

   This is my Showstopper post this  Christmas. So so loved the variation in it and the flavour. Cinnamon Cookies, scream Christmas. The aroma, the flavour everything is Christmas and winters. These cookies are perfect with Cinnamon tea or All spice tea… This is my last post for this Christmas….Happy Holidays to you All    Ingredients  … More CINnamon Cookies

Christmas Cookies 

   Remember I started with a post saying  i have made 6 different cookies for this years Christmas Cookie box.  Loved each and every one of them. Packed them up and sent them to friends….  Putting all the cookie recipe here for convenience 😊 BUTter Cookies     LINtzer Cookies       CRAnberry Pistachio Biscotti … More Christmas Cookies 

CHOco Vanilla Cookies 

   Chocolate Vanilla Cookies, are a perfect combination of flavours and Colour. Thin and Crisp this cookie goes sooooo well with coffee.  This is one of the cookies from my cookie box for this Christmas. I made Lintzer cookies, Cranberry Pistachio Biscotti, Chocolate Crinckle Cookies, Butter Cookies, Almond Lemon Cookies & Chocolate Vanilla Cookies this … More CHOco Vanilla Cookies 

FOOd Styling Workshop

  So proud to be joining hands with The Summer House for a Foodstyling Workshop in Bangalore next month. Come learn some tips and tricks to take some drool worthy pictures… Do register soon as we have only 15 seats.  Registration starts tomorrow and Queries at 9820428314 .

BUTter Cookies

  Gifting during Christmas and New Years are so much more exciting when it’s handmade and homemade. It is so much more personalised and just shows how much you care for the person. My cookie box for this Christmas has 6 different varieties of cookies. I made Lintzer cookies, Cranberry Pistachio Biscotti, Chocolate Crinckle Cookies, … More BUTter Cookies

FRUit Cake

   Fruit Cake/ Plum Cake/ Rum Cake, is one cake that i looooove. When i was a kid, my father used to get this from a bakery. I  never knew that one day I’ll be making it myself.  I make Fruit Cake every single year and i make atleast 4 cakes. I soak the nuts atleast … More FRUit Cake

GINger Bread Man

   Isn’t Ginger Bread Man, the most favourite cookie of Christmas?? Specially kids.   While getting my Kiddo colour Ginger Bread Man, i also got him to do the cookies. I love the sparkle in his eyes, when he sits beside me while icing and tells me what to do, comparing it with the drawings. … More GINger Bread Man