GREen Tea Detox

   Hope you all had a great Diwali and Thanksgiving. Lot of parties, family dinners has made us eat more than what we usually do. And before we know it’ll be Christmas and New Year, time to party again.  So lets detox and get prepared and be guiltfree. Green Tea has been one of the … More GREen Tea Detox

ALOo Tuk 

  The weather in Bangalore has been horrible past one week. The floor is cold, the sky is grey, it’s been drizzling (reminds me of London 😔) This weather makes you crave for hot masala chai and something spicy and fried (😁😜).     So here is a healthy version of Aloo Took. A sindhi potato dish. … More ALOo Tuk 


   Deepawali at my mum’s is all about getting ready for the pooja, fire crackers, lots of diyas. More of a family only affair. Diwali, at my in law’s is a complete change of scene. Festivities are much louder.Visiting collegues and friends to distribute sweets and gifts, getting decked up for playing cards with family, … More PHIrni

GULab Jamun

   Naraka Chaturdashi is the begining of Deepawali, the three day festival of lights.  God Krishna, is believed to have killed the demon Narakasura on this day. Hence the celebrations by lighting 100s of lamps to mark the end of darkness. As a kid i remember on Naraka chaturdashi, we were made to have head … More GULab Jamun

LACha Rabdi

  Ingredients  2 ltrs – whole fat milk 1/4 cup – Sugar 1 tsp – Saffron Almond flakes and Dry Rose Petals Method In the KitchenAid’s 10″ Copper skillet or a heavy bottom wide pan, pour in the milk and bring it to a boil.     Crush the saffron in a mortar pestle  and soak … More LACha Rabdi