HAYagreeva – Bengalgram sweet



1cup – Bengal gram/ Chana Dal

1 cup – Jaggery

2 tbsp – Poppy seeds

¼ cup – Grated dry coconut

3 nos – Cardamom/ Elaichi



Soak the Bengal gram for half an hour and pressure cook it till the Bengal gram till it is cooked yet firm. Till the pressure cooker lets out 3 whistles works well.


In a deep pan boil 2 cups of water along with jaggery, poppy seeds, grated dry coconut. Boil it till the jaggery is dissolved completely and it gets syrupy. Not one string consistency but syrupy. Add the pressure cooked lentils into this syrup, cover it and cook it till the lentils soak up all the syrup and thickens. Add cardamom powder and give it a good mix. Make sure you do not mash the lentils too much.

Garnish it with some grated dry coconut and toasted poppy seeds and serve hot.


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