TOMato Rice

  When i received this beautiful casserole by Fujihoro, i was so happy. It is an amazing piece, perfect for everyday cooking. It is perfect for pulavs, sabzis, dal etc. it is heavy and heavy bottomed and hence uses less oil and water in cooking sabzis. I dont use tefflon coated cookware and this one being a porcelain enamel coated stainless steel, is perfect for me. Safe and beautiful…


Tried the basic Tomato rice that we get in the hotels (darshinis we call them) for breakfast. A simple, masaledar pulav.


2 cups – Basmati rice

1 no – Onion, medium sized

1 no – Bay leaf

2 nos – Green chilly

1/4 cup – Fresh peas

1 tsp – Turmeric

1 tbsp – Redchilly powder

1/2 cup – Chopped coriander

Salt to taste

1 tbsp – Ghee

1 tbsp – Oil

For the paste

4 nos – Tomato

5 no – Garlic cloves

1/2 inch – Ginger

1 inch – Cinnamon 

2 nos – Clove

1 no – Elaichi 



In a blender, blend all the ingredients listed under paste. Make a smooth paste. 

In a deep casserole or a pressure cooker, heat ghee. Add bay leaf. Let it give out the aroma. Add washed and drained basmati rice and fry till the rice turns opaque. Transfer the rice onto a plate, spread and set it aside.

In the same casserole now add the oil. Once it heats, add onion and green chillies. Sauté till the onion starts to brown. Add the chopped coriander and sauté till that completely softens and reduces. Keep the flame high all the time. 

Now addthe tomato paste, red chilly powder, turmeric powder and saute till oil seperates. Add fresh peas. Add 3.5 cups of water to this. Add salt to taste. 

When the water starts boiling add rice. Check again for the salt. Reduce the flame, cover it and cook it for 15 mins or till the rice is cooked (not over cooked)  

   Serve with onion raita. You could also add ghee fried bread pieces on top.

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