BLAck Tomato Salad with Purple Basil Pesto


A couple of weeks back, I received a basket full of beautiful, fresh, black, produce from FirstAgro. Black Bell Peppers, Black Tomatoes, Purple Basil and Black Radish.  

 I was sure that was going to use the tomatoes raw and basil for Pesto. I had a Black Salad in mind. With bell peppers, tomatoes, black olives, black rice… But somehow the flavours weren’t going together. That’s when I decided not to use all of them in one dish just for the sake of it. So ended up making stuffed bell peppers. Though I wasn’t very happy as it changes it’s colour once cooked. Will try something raw with it. 

With tomatoes i knew i was going to make salad. But at the same time came across this olive pesto dressing on olives and tomatoes by and i had to try this but with my variations. You can check her recipe here



2 tbsps – Pesto (i have used purple basil here)

2 cups – Mixed tomatoes (black, cherry, tusita)

2 tbsp – Olive oil

2 tbsp – Black olives (pitted)

1 tbsp – Toasted Pine nuts

1 tsp – Black pepper



In a mixing bowl add all the tomatoes. Chop big chunks of the bigger tomatoes and smaller ones you can leave them whole. 

Add all the other ingredients give it a good toss. 

Have it as a salad or toss it with cooked spaghetti, add another dollop of Pesto and serve.


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