LEMon Yogurt Cake

  Lemon Yogurt Cake is a one bowl cake, super moist, tangy, sweet and super soft.     I love this cake for it’s simplicity. The days i want to bake, but not in a mood for an elaborate cake, i make this. Its a recipe to keep.       Ingredients 1 1/2 cups- All-purpose flour 2 tsp … More LEMon Yogurt Cake

BLAckberry Icecream

   A huge thank to my friend Jeyadra for the basic Icecream recipe..😍 Ingredients  200ml – Heavy cream  1/4 cup – Powdered sugar 2 tbsps – Condensed milk 10 nos – Blackberries  Method Purée the blackberries and set aside. I have used the seeds also, but you can seive it if you do not want … More BLAckberry Icecream

TOMato Rice

  When i received this beautiful casserole by Fujihoro, i was so happy. It is an amazing piece, perfect for everyday cooking. It is perfect for pulavs, sabzis, dal etc. it is heavy and heavy bottomed and hence uses less oil and water in cooking sabzis. I dont use tefflon coated cookware and this one being … More TOMato Rice

CREamy Carrots

   This dish is a nice change from the regular roasted carrots. Simple, quick and a healthy finger food. Ingredients  A hanful – Baby carrots  1/4 cup – hung curd or cream cheese 2 nos – Garlic cloves 1 tsp – olive oil 1 tsp – Red chilly flakes Salt to taste  Garlic chives and … More CREamy Carrots


   Kashāya, for us always meant some torturous horrible drink. It’s used as a metaphor to describe a bad tasting, medicine like drink. “Oh god that coffee tasted like kashāya” But when made well it doesn’t taste anything close to horrible. There are various ingredients and combination that goes into making kashāya. Based on my … More KAShāya