JAMun Icecream


Summer is not just about the heat, the sweat, the sun….. Its also about the new leaves in the tree, it is about the peacocks singing (yes i can hear peacocks sing in the forest near my house 😊), it is about the fruits filling the markets, it is about the holidays, it is about cousins visiting you, it is about        playing board games till late night, it is about chilled juices during the day and icecreams after every dinner 😁 i love Summers…  


2 cups – Hung curd

1/4 cup – Sugar or honey

1/2 cup – Jamun, deseeded



Blend yogurt and sugar in a blender till smooth, for about 5 to 10 minutes. Pour half the mixture into the container that you will use to set the Icecream. Add half the jamun to the remaining yogurt mixture and blend once again for 5 minutes. Pour half of this into the container. 


Add the remaining jamun to the blender and blend sgain for 5 minutes. Pour this into the container and using a skewer mix the layers by making swirls. Add some bits of jamun. Cover the container well and freeze it overnight.


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