MUShroom Coconut Soup

Fujihoro,is a japanese brand who are into Porcelain enamelled steel products.


They have a wide range of products ranging from casseroles, kettles, saucepans etc. 

They look clean, modern but at the same time it has a very vintage look as well. The colours are so fresh that they look so good sitting on a shelf in my kitchen. Had been waiting for this milkpan for sometime now. And now thats here, it was worth the wait. 

It is small and cute, holds 3/4ltr, but doesnt look as if it can. Its heavy and the handle is thick and very comfortable. The usual issue i have with milkpans with spout is that they drip when you pour the liquid out, but this one doesn’t have that issue.

 You can buy Fujihoro products on Pepperfry, Flipkart, Houseproud.

I wanted to shoot some white dish in this milkpan and the Mushroom Coconut Soup, one of our favourite soup was perfect for that.


1/2 cup – Button Mushrooms

1 tsp – oil

400 ml – Coconut milk

2 nos – Red birds eyes chilly (any chilly will do)

1 stem – Lemon grass

Salt to taste

A pinch of sugar



Slice each mushroom into 4 slices. In a pan drizzle the oil, swirl the pan and let it heat. Spread the mushroom and roast them till they turn gold. Flip them over and roast the other side as well. 

Take coconut milk in a saucepan, add crushed lemongrass, chillies and bring it to a boil. Now add the roasted mushrooms, salt, sugar and further boil it till for a couple of minutes. 

  Serve hot.

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