The Grand Hyatt – Goa

   My first vacation as a food blogger and it turned out to be one of the best vacations i have ever had. The Grand Hyatt, Goa, a very young resort is full of young and amazing people working towards providing the best possible service to their guests. Just 7kms from Panaji city, this luxury hotel with beautiful architecture overlooks the Bambolim Bay.  

 The 28 acre property with luscious green lawn that rolls down to the water edge is beautifully landscaped with well balanced rustic and clean landscaping. Rustic small bridges, an old cathedral fits well into the neatly mowed lawns. 

 Rains had just arrived in Goa, and the weather was perfect for a lazy relaxed vacation. No heat, no humidity but a perfect cloudy weather to enjoy hot Earl Grey Tea and freshly baked Croissants. 


Like i said as a food blogger, all i wanted to do on this vacation was to taste as much cuisines and dishes as possible and also try and talk to the chefs to widen my knowledge about cooking, baking and in general food. 


When one of the managers at the hotel came to know that i was a blogger. She was more than willing to introduce me to the chefs. And I couldn’t believe how helpful the chefs were. They were more than happy to hold a private masterclass in the kitchens of Hyatt for almost half a day. 

 The atmosphere in the kitchen was exactly how i had imagined it to be. The aroma of the freshly baked breads had filled the kitchen. While some chefs were working on breads, some were working on desserts, While some eggs were being whisked some breads were being loaded into the oven. It must be so much fun to be in the kitchen every day… 

I was fortunate enough to learn Baguette , sourdough bread, soft buns , croissants. Apart from this i also helped out in preparing desserts for that days lunch buffet. Interacted with most of the chefs there. And each and every chef was so down to earth and so helpful.It was my dream to work in a commercial kitchen and it finally came true. I can’t thank HYATT, Goa enough and mainly the people who made this dream of mine a reality. 



When you are staying at The Grand Hyatt you will be spoilt for choices when it comes to food. They have 

The Verandah, Goa’s best seafood and meat grill restaurant. Join our interactive live kitchens as our chefs prepare your favourite just the way you would like it to be. See, smell, hear, touch and taste. Feast yourself at The Verandah. 

Chula,the iconic Indian restaurant offers guests the chance to dine unparalled Indian cuisine amid warm, colonial architecture, all accented by authentic rural touches., selection of tandoor-grilled meats, seafood and vegetables prepared live to perfection, and served in clay pots and copper pans. The menu features authentic Indian and signature dishes from all its states, and Goan cuisine. Also the portions of the dishes are made small to encourage you to taste more dishes. The tangy spicy chats are a must try here. Palak Papri Chat, Dahi Papdi chat, Dal kachori and lots more. Other than that the goan cuisine which is the chefs special like Gallina Cafreal, Fish Ambotik, Pork Vindaloo makes me want to goback again.

BAY VIEW LOUNGE Bay View Lounge blends an innovative menu from gourmet tea and coffee beverages to exclusive wines paired with a selection of canapes. 

A cozy lounge with the view of the bay is perfect for meetings or to relax and sip your tea. The beautifully decorated and the light of this comfortable place makes it quite romantic in the evenings. 



The Dinning Room,For a true taste of all that’s best in world cuisine, there’s no finer restaurant than The Dining Room at Grand Hyatt Goa. 

This beautifully lit Dinning room is a all day dinner. Always bustling with people this place has a very homely and a welcoming feel to it. Having had most of our meals here, we had become familiar with almost everyone here.  


Dinning room serves Indian, Asian , Italian, Middle Eastern cuisines. The buffet gives you an option to try out every dish. 


The buffet has a array of salads, and a live counter with grilled dishes, vast variety of non- veg and veg dishes. Thai curry, stir fries, goan curries, roasted vegetables to steamed fish. Not to forget the freshly baked baguettes and breads. 

Make sure you save half your tummy space for desserts as you will see that the dessert spread is large. From layered cakes, to cheesecakes. From mousse to panacottas, indian desserts like gulab jamoon to ladoos along with a varities of ice creams.  


One of the best desserts i had was bebinca. Bebinca is a layered goan cake, made of coconut milk .I have had bebinca before. But one of the chefs at The Dining Room, flambéd the cubes of bebinca with whisky and topped it with icecream scoop. And ahhh…that bebinca was the best bebinca ever.


We ended every meal with earl grey tea very loving served by one of the waitress… 



Confeiteria is one of the luxurious patisseries of Goa which also houses a coffee shop. You can find a display of beautifully crafted cakes along with a variety of pastries, bakeries, chocolates, coffee and tarts. Having had the fondant training under Chef Peachy Juban recently, i was very keen to see the constructions of the cake. But mostly we visited this place three times a day because on display was a cake of THOMAS the train, and my son is crazy about him 😀

It is a cozy place with a table in the centre is perfect to sip your coffee, read a magazine and enjoy a slice of cake.  


Located just steps away from the bay, Pool Bar and Grill at Grand Hyatt Goa is designed to be the perfect place for refreshments, lunch or dinner while soaking in the free form outdoor pool.

Featuring a refreshing beverage menu that includes an array of thirst-quenchers, from healthy tropical drinks to frosty, flavoured margaritas made with premium tequilas, this breezy bar keeps you cool in sunny Goa while you enjoy its serenity and beauty. 


Capiz bar, has a very serene feel to it. The white ambience, with white linens on the table with clear glassware is inspired by quintessential Goan heritage, it boasts of capiz shells featured stylishly throughout the bay found by Bambolim Bay.

Though I couldn’t enjoy this place as i had my kid with me, Capiz Bar is a versatile retreat and the ideal place to start the evening with cocktails, linger over a drink after dinner or party to high-energy music. The menu features fine wines, spirits and cocktails that spans a broad selection of iconic classics to innovative creations from expert mixologists.


But I guess i was destined to be pampered there and so, they arranged a Fondue Night just for me and my husband. A specially designed event which is a specialty at Hyatt during Monsoon season to keep the guests engaged. Specially arranged for us at the lobby with a huge window over looking the lawns as the backdrop, made the whole experience so intimate and romantic. 

The cheesy garlic dip served with cherry tomatoes, pickled cucumber, brocolli, garlic bread, olives and best off all, green apples. There are a huge variety savoury and sweet sauces. 


Monsoon season may get a little boring at the resorts if you don’t have much to do there. But at Grand Hyatt, Goa, they have designed number of activities to keep the guests engaged. These events not only make the vacation more interesting and enjoyable but also brings out the talent in you.

DETOX MONDAYS is designed to restore balance to your body system, to cleanse the body of toxins, and to relax the mind for a new week with health and energy. 

DISCOVER THE CHEF IN YOU – Don’t just eat like a local; learn to cook like one too. 

WEDNESDAY – HOPS AND NIBBLES- Walk into the Capiz Bar to experience new flavours in beer and food pairing. 

THURSDAY – CHULHA COCKTAIL BAR Begin your weekend early at our vibrant cocktail bar at Chulha. Experience flavors of your much loved buzz in different forms; and if you are in for some fun – learn to make them too! 

FRIDAY – FONDUE EVENINGS- Summer has come to an end and the long, cool monsoon looms ahead. Relish the hours spent indoors by fondueing. 

SATURDAY – CHEESE AND WINE – Enjoy Grand Hyatt Goa’s finest selection of wines and cheeses every Saturday at The Verandah. 

SUNDAY – BRUNCH – Relish a sumptuous meal over five interactive food counters along with free flowing beverages and live music by Goa’s singing sensation – Chrystal. 


 All this extremely pampered trip had to end and i ended it at the beautiful Shamana Spa getting myself pampered. Not only me but even my toddler was very upset that the vacation came to an end. This is one of the most hospitable hotels that I have been to. We will be back soon for more. Loved every minute of this vacation… Lots of love to everyone at The Grand Hyatt, Goa….


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